Featuring scholar’s rocks and paintings from Dr S Y Yip Collection

  • Event date 25 - 28 May
  • Event location Hong Kong

Christie’s is delighted to present a non-selling exhibition that unveils the captivating fusion of dynamic abstract painting and the profound beauty of Chinese scholar's rocks.

Over the past century, abstraction has reshaped the landscape of global art history with its immense spiritual breadth and philosophical depth that transcends boundaries, igniting emotions and evoking sensations. In parallel, viewing rocks have served as a portal to imaginative landscapes and spiritual refuge for Chinese literati since the tenth century, unveiling the enigmatic wonders of nature and the cosmic forces through their organic formations and mystical ambience. ‘Rocking Abstraction’ sheds light upon the parallel between the two art forms, both of which appeal to the viewers as anchors for meditation and microcosms of the universe.

This exhibition presents a meticulously curated selection of six abstract paintings by modern and contemporary masters from the East and the West, alongside with thirteen Chinese scholar's rocks from the esteemed collection of Dr. S. Y. Yip, a world renowned art collector and connoisseur. Together, they offer a visual feast that inspires contemplation and bridges the manifestation of human individuality with the crystallization of natural forces, creating a harmonious convergence of artistic expression.

Exhibition highlights

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Rocking Abstraction

Rocking Abstraction

Featuring scholar’s rocks and paintings from Dr S Y Yip Collection

25-28 May, 10:30am – 6:30pm
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Between 25 and 28 of May, Christie’s will feature a tight selection of artworks across three categories at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Join us for a unique and immersive experience into the parallel avant-garde art world created by abstract paintings, scholar's rocks and Chinese rock paintings, exploring the mesmerizing macrocosm crafted by these remarkable artistic treasures.

The exhibition is free and open to all

+852 2760 1766

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Rocking Abstraction

Exploring the mesmerizing macrocosm crafted by these remarkable artistic treasures.

Rocking Abstraction catalogue is available online now.

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