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  • The art that captivated a film legend

    The story behind the collection of Oscar-winning film director Claude Berri, the genius responsible for Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources — offered in our October Paris auctions

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    Specialist Romain Pingannaud offers an expert introduction to the different styles and schools

  • The flavours of Bordeaux

    An essential guide to the grapes, the blends and the communes that produce the world’s finest wines — and the perfect foods to go with them

  • Cao Fei and her journey to a parallel universe

    The Chinese video artist talks to Tianyue Jiang, a Christie’s specialist in Asian 20th Century and Contemporary Art, about fantasy and creativity, flitting between real and virtual worlds — and designing the 18th BMW Art Car

  • Steve McQueen to Bart Simpson: Rolexes with nicknames

    How a selection of iconic Rolex wristwatches earned their peculiar monikers — illustrated with pieces offered in our Watches Online Auction, 12-26 October

  • Collecting guide: The classical myths behind ancient treasures

    Antiquities specialist Alexandra Olsman recounts the legends of the sky god who lost an eye, the unborn child who was sewn into a thigh, and more — illustrated with works from our October Antiquities auctions

  • Death, desire and dark visions

    As Halloween looms, specialist Tim Schmelcher tells the stories behind nine prints depicting Death, spanning 400 years and offered in the online sale Death and Desire — The Collection of Giancarlo Beltrame

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  • Christie's Jewels Online

    Christie's Jewels Online

    1 – 8 November 2016
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    Mapping the Globe

    1 – 10 November 2016
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  • Josef Sudek: A Window into Modernity

    1 – 10 November 2016
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  • Christie's Wine Online

    1 – 15 November 2016
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    Japanese Art Online

    3 – 17 November 2016
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    Script and Illumination: Leaves from Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts

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