Modern & Contemporary Art, Asia Pacific


  • Hong Kong

    • Eric Chang (張丁元)

      Eric Chang (張丁元)


    • Evelyn Lin (林家如)

      Evelyn Lin (林家如)

      Co-head of Department

    • Cristian Albu

      Cristian Albu

      Co-head of Department

    • Elaine Holt

      Elaine Holt

      International Director

    • Jacky Ho (何善衡)

      Jacky Ho (何善衡)

      Head of Evening Sale

    • Imogen Kerr

      Imogen Kerr

      Head of Impressionist & Modern Art

    • Ada Tsui (徐文君)

      Ada Tsui (徐文君)

      Specialist, Head of Day Sale

    • Emmanuelle Chan

      Emmanuelle Chan

      Head of 20th century art day sale

    • Sihan Hu (胡思涵)

      Sihan Hu (胡思涵)

      Associate Specialist

    • Vanessa Chung (鍾幸儒)

      Vanessa Chung (鍾幸儒)

      Junior Specialist

    • Wendy Fang

      Wendy Fang

      Junior Specialist

    • ShanShan Wei (魏崇姍)

      ShanShan Wei (魏崇姍)

      Junior Specialist

    • Ziwei Yi

      Ziwei Yi

      Junior Specialist

    • Arco Yu

      Arco Yu


  • Beijing

    • Dina Zhang (張丹丹)

      Dina Zhang (張丹丹)

      Regional Senior Specialist

  • Paris

  • Seoul

    • Yunah Jung (鄭允雅)

      Yunah Jung (鄭允雅)

      Regional Senior Specialist

  • Shanghai

    • Grace Zhuang (莊俊)

      Grace Zhuang (莊俊)

      Vice President, Senior Specialist, Head of Sale

  • Singapore

  • Taipei

    • Yu-shan Lu (呂育珊)

      Yu-shan Lu (呂育珊)


  • Tokyo

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