Topographical Pictures

Christie’s has held strong results within the Topographical Pictures field, devoted to the work of itinerant western artists working in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australasia. Dating from the great ages of exploration, trade and empire in the 18th and 19th centuries, subjects range from the high latitudes of the Polar Regions to the East and West Indies, from Imperial Brazil to India under the Raj, from the Cape Colony to the China Coast.

Demand remains strong for the best and earliest views – led by the work of Ross and Browne in the Arctic, Hodges and Webber in the Pacific, Krieghoff and Rugendas in North and South America, Egerton and Catherwood in Mexico, Brunias and Cazabon in the Caribbean, the Daniells in India, Chinnery and the China Trade artists on the China Coast, Carpenter, Raden Saleh and Lozano in Singapore, Java and the Philippines, Baines on the Cape Colony’s frontiers, Glover, Martens and von Guerard in Australia, Strutt, Chevalier and Goldie in New Zealand, Wilson and Marston in the Antarctic. We are currently consigning works for inclusion in our upcoming British & European Art auctions.