Seventy rare jewels from the collection of Mrs. Lily Safra will pay tribute to jewelry as an art form and a major collecting field. They will also serve to raise funds for charity.

The Lily Safra Foundation will donate the entire proceeds of the sale to 20 charitable institutions. Furthermore, any proceeds above $20 million will be given to additional philanthropic organisations selected by the Foundation.

Mrs. Lily Safra and her late husband, Mr. Edmond J. Safra, formed a couple of engaged philanthropists and discerning connoisseurs, interested in all forms of art, from pictures, to furniture and jewelry. Their global vision of collecting and rigorous quest for the highest quality are reflected in this collection of 70 jewels, comprising the very best in all styles, periods and makers, from the late 18th Century to modern times.

This ensemble includes an exceptional diamond, ruby and sapphire, all above 30 carats, as well as exquisite antique and period jewelry, which retain a timeless elegance due to their bold design and exceptional craftsmanship.

A special section will be dedicated to 18 unique jewels by JAR, the majority of which were created for Mrs. Safra by the renowned jeweler between the 1980s and 2000s. This is the largest collection of creations by JAR ever to be presented at auction, offering a magnificent demonstration of jewelry as a form of art.