Addicted To Jewellery

Visala Wong on her picks for 2014

Visala Wong runs the increasingly popular website, V is for Visala, which is, in her words, ‘a platform for her to express her passion’ for all things style-related. We asked the intrepid Hong Kong-based blogger a few questions about her jewellery in advance of our Statement Jewels sale, which runs from February 25 – March 6, 2014. Her answers are below.

What's your favorite piece of jewellery and what's the story behind it?

I am totally addicted to jewellery, especially when it comes to statement necklaces. Earrings have been my recent favourites as well, since they go so well with short hair. My favorite piece right now is Lanvin’s "LOVE" and "COOL" slogan necklace in its FW13 Collection. I love the mental affection that words and slogans give, just like tattoos, but instead of carving a message into my skin, I prefer wearing it around my neck. It gives me courage.

How has your approach to jewellery evolved? What are you wearing now that you wouldn't have worn a few years ago?

Believe it or not, I used to adopt a punk and gothic style as a teenager; I used to wear heavy metal accessories with spiky elements such as studs and pins. As I grow up, my style evolves––now I can’t live without gold jewellery, or even better, rose gold. Still I am a fan of studs, but I prefer wearing them in a more contemporary and edgy style.

What do you look for in a piece?

I love jewellery that is bold, that has character. How it can be mixed and matched for different occasions is one of my top priorities when choosing. Although we are living in the modern era where the industry is about "fast fashion", I do want my jewellery to be something that can last.

What jewellery trends are you seeing in 2014?

Rather clean and minimalistic aesthetics, but playing with lots of stacking and layering. There will be an innovative approach of mixing metals with natural materials such as stones, marbles, pearls and leather, giving a strong contrast to both the texture and materials, yet keeping it modern and elegant.

Lastly, do you have any comments on any of the items from our sale? We're especially fond of the horse bangle (lot 56).

Yes, the horse bangle is my favourite as well! Perhaps it’s because it is the year of the horse in the traditional Chinese calendar?

I always find it interesting how insects and animals are interpreted into jewellery. In fact, I have something similar in my personal collection as well! For instance, bangles with the head of a crocodile, a snake and a zebra.

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