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Encompassing works of art from the Jomon period until the present day, Christie’s International Japanese Art department offers a broad range of artworks including ceramics, lacquer, Buddhist sculpture, samurai armour and swords, woodblock prints, paintings and screens, cloisonné enamel and metal works from Meiji period, as well as modern and contemporary painting and sculpture.

Christie’s continues its global leadership in Japanese art as we focus on tightly curated theme sales both online and at auction in London and New York. Two regular live auctions take place, one in New York during Classic Art Week in April and another in London King Street during Asia Week in November, presenting carefully selected groups of historically significant Japanese works of art among those above. In September during London Design Week the department focuses on Asobi: Japanese & Korean Modern & Contemporary Art to be held in London King Street, featuring works from 20th and 21st century, encompassing avant-garde paintings and sculpture by artists associated with movements such as Gutai and Mono-ha, as well introducing a broad range of artists Worthing independently outside of these movements.

The themed online sales have been showing outstanding success since their launch in June 2014 and each sale will continue to feature a specific theme including Japanese prints and Japanese art at the European Court, which includes ceramics, lacquer and screens and gives an insight into this fascinating period of trade with Europe.

Christie’s has made a firm commitment to the field of Japanese and Korean Art, as we are the only major auction house to have maintained its presence in this field since the 1960’s and the only auction house with an international Japanese department, based in London and New York, supported by a dedicated team in Tokyo. In 2015, we continued to dominate the global market for Japanese works of art with 66% market share over our closest competitors.


Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Asobi: Japanese & Korean Postwar Art

London, King Street

Through a Collector's Eye: The Kenzo Kagami Collection of Postwar Japanese Art

London, King Street

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Edo to Post-War: 500 Years of Japanese Art and Design

3 November - 17 November

  • Bidding begins on 03 November 2016

Friday, 16 December 2016


London, King Street






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