Books & Manuscripts


  • London

    • Thomas Venning

      Thomas Venning

      Head of Department

    • Margaret Ford

      Margaret Ford

      International Head of Group, Books & Science

    • Sophie Hopkins

      Sophie Hopkins

      Specialist, Manuscripts & Archives

    • Julian Wilson

      Julian Wilson

      Senior Specialist, Books, Maps & Manuscripts

    • Eugenio Donadoni

      Eugenio Donadoni

      Senior Specialist

    • Mark Wiltshire

      Mark Wiltshire


    • Emily Pilling

      Emily Pilling

      Sale Coordinator

  • New York

    • Christina Geiger

      Christina Geiger

      Head of Department

    • Peter Klarnet

      Peter Klarnet

      Senior Specialist, Americana

    • Heather Weintraub

      Heather Weintraub

      Specialist, Books, Manuscripts, & Archives

    • Rhiannon Knol

      Rhiannon Knol


    • Andrew Darlington

      Andrew Darlington

      Sale Coordinator

  • Paris

    • Adrien Legendre

      Adrien Legendre

      Head of Department

    • Vincent Belloy

      Vincent Belloy


  • Hong Kong

    • Georgina Hilton

      Georgina Hilton

      Head of Classic Art, Asia Pacific

    • Melody Lin

      Melody Lin

      Liaison, Classic Art Group, Asia Pacific