Luxury Ladies

Tziporah Salamon on her vintage inspirations

Photo by Yaniv Edry, courtesy of Tziporah Salamon.

You might have seen her photo in the Style section of The New York Times, or Ari Seth Cohen’s blog, Advanced Style. She’s also graced the pages of Italian Vogue by appearing in Lanvin’s Autumn/Winter 2012-13 campaign. This year, Time Out New York counted her among its "most stylish New Yorkers", and she is included in Cohen’s Advanced Style book from 2012. For over a decade, it seems as if Tziporah Salamon has been the "It Girl" for women of a certain age in the city, and is now turning her attention to Los Angeles.

Salamon’s fundraiser for her move takes place on Tuesday, December 10th. Entitled, "Farewell NY, Hello LA", she’ll be showing her favorite pieces of jewelry and the stories behind them. During our online-only Luxury Jewelry sale, the 63-year-old stylist and fashion icon shares her passion for jewelry with us and describes the pieces she can’t get enough of.

What's your favorite piece of jewelry and what's the story behind it?

My mother's gold bracelet, my father's gold watch; one is inseparable from the other. Both are from the ‘40s, pink gold, gorgeous, and bought by my father after they came back from the camps in Hungary. I inherited them separately after each parent died and I treasure them both.

Do you intentionally collect vintage items or do you often just recycle items you already own, once they're back in style?

I collect vintage items. I adore antique jewelry — everything about it: the stories, the beauty, the connection to the past.

How has your approach to jewelry evolved? What are you wearing now that you wouldn't have worn in your twenties or thirties?

My tastes have become more sophisticated and I am much more knowledgeable about jewelry in general. I have educated myself, exposed myself to much and definitely know what I like. For instance, Moghul Indian jewelry sends me over the moon. I didn't even know about it in my twenties.

What would you never wear?

Fishnet stockings — fishnet stockings with mules, which is worse.

What's the first piece of jewelry you purchased that was significant, in your mind? What do you look for in a piece?

My Turkoman bracelet cuff made of silver, gold, and Cornelian stones. I bought it in Jerusalem in the early ‘90s with money that was supposed to go for the rent, and it has given me joy ever since. It is stunning!

For more on luxury jewels, head over to our online-only sale here, which runs from December 5-12.