Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art


  • Hong Kong

    • Pola Antebi (安蓓蕾)

      Pola Antebi (安蓓蕾)

      Deputy Chairman, Asia Pacific, International Director

    • Chi Fan Tsang (曾志芬)

      Chi Fan Tsang (曾志芬)

      Deputy Chairman, Asia Pacific International Director

    • Marco Almeida (安偉達)

      Marco Almeida (安偉達)

      SVP, Senior International Specialist, Head of Department & Head of Private Sales

    • Ruben Lien (連懷恩)

      Ruben Lien (連懷恩)

      VP, Senior Specialist

    • Liang-Lin Chen (陳良玲)

      Liang-Lin Chen (陳良玲)

      VP, Senior Specialist Head of Sale

    • Sherese Tong (唐晞殷)

      Sherese Tong (唐晞殷)

      AVP, Senior Specialist

    • Timothy Lai (黎添銘)

      Timothy Lai (黎添銘)

      Associate Specialist

    • Audrey Lee (李仲妮)

      Audrey Lee (李仲妮)

      Associate Specialist

    • Yunhan Sun (孫蘊涵)

      Yunhan Sun (孫蘊涵)

      Junior Specialist

  • New York

    • Tina Zonars (宋天娜)

      Tina Zonars (宋天娜)

      Deputy Chairman, Americas & Co-Chairman, Asian Art

    • Michael Bass (孟博瀚)

      Michael Bass (孟博瀚)

      International Director, SVP

    • Vicki Paloympis (潘薇琦)

      Vicki Paloympis (潘薇琦)

      Head of Department, VP, Specialist

    • Rufus Chen (陳嘉安)

      Rufus Chen (陳嘉安)

      Head of Sale, AVP, Specialist

    • Michelle Cheng (鄭玉京)

      Michelle Cheng (鄭玉京)

      Senior Specialist, SVP

    • Margaret Gristina (葛曼琪)

      Margaret Gristina (葛曼琪)

      Senior Specialist, Head of Private sales, Chinese Works of Art, New York

    • Lucy Yan (嚴若婉)

      Lucy Yan (嚴若婉)

      Junior Specialist

    • Laraine Dong (董佳鑫)

      Laraine Dong (董佳鑫)


  • London

    • Kate Hunt

      Kate Hunt

      Director, Head of Department

  • Paris

    • Tiphaine Nicoul

      Tiphaine Nicoul

      Head of department

    • Zheng Ma

      Zheng Ma

      Senior Specialist

    • Camille de Foresta

      Camille de Foresta

      Senior Specialist

    • Carla Trely

      Carla Trely


  • Shanghai

  • Beijing

  • Taipei

  • San Francisco

    • Andrew Lueck (李安哲)

      Andrew Lueck (李安哲)


  • Tokyo

    • Katsura Yamaguchi

      Katsura Yamaguchi

      SVP, Managing Director/Rep Director & Int'l Director Asian Art

    • Masahiko Kuze

      Masahiko Kuze

      AVP,Asian Art

  • Jakarta

    • Charmie Hamami

      Charmie Hamami

      Deputy Chairman, Asia Pacific & Managing Director, Indonesia